Wednesday, November 21, 2012


HELLO ALL!  I am engrossed in my final year at Parsons and am pouring my heart and soul into my senior thesis collection. If you should so desire, I invite you all to **follow** the progression of said collection--MARA EXEGESIS as well as the other projects I have and will be working on this year.


Sunday, July 1, 2012

it's time to have an INSTA-VENTION

K GOIZE it's just about the only thing I can keep up with these days~~in the inter-connected other world trapped in my phone/computer/blinking vessels of confusion, I mean. Plus I'm getting all confused about what pix on der I should put on hur so... ♡ME @lajaguara bc I am were-jaguar grrrl


From the book Indian Dance by Rina Singha

hindu comix via 50 Watts

plushy cheetah jacket from the flea, eyes of buddha t-shirt--idk, gianni versace jeans, fishnet sox, robert clergerie pumps thrifted

Having some very un-PC hindu-buddhist clashes here--it is what it is. No disrespect(ever) just wandering thru this fishtank on my way into the city, do a little meditation, maybe smoke a ciggie, maybe have some enlightenment before pilates at 5:30 (that's why I'm wearing leggings underneath)
Found this great book on Indian dance at the library--I love how complex the hand and face gestures are (mudras) so cool.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012



Hey goiiize I'm kvetching up--(painstakingly sifting thru a massive collection of inspiration/looks of this entire semester that I have been lax on posting) on this info-flow.

Fantastic authority of German expressionism in filmmaking
From The Haunted Screen

From The Haunted Screen

From The Haunted Screen

Herzog's Nosferatu


theater poster by Franciszek Starowieski
From The Haunted Screen
From The Haunted Screen

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Kung Hei Fat Choi!!!

Last Monday my gals Annie, Aly, Steven, and I went to the Chinese new year parade/performance festivities in Chinatown which spanned all over from christie to mott to canal and in-between. We were really lucky in managing to hit all of the best spots consecutively, or at least where the most magic seemed to be happening. At any rate, I think the photos I took thoroughly capture the amazing time I had. Enter the Dragon, y'all!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


After the devastating wildfires around Austin this past summer from the terrible drought, the grassland has been left charred for miles around spicewood where I was staying for a few days during my trip home. Of course, seeing the damage was very real after having witnessed from afar(facebook/news) the homes lost and displaced families this past summer, and yet I saw a harsh beauty in the miles of charcoal earth that no one else seemed to have noticed ?

At any rate, while driving in, me and my mom pulled over to do a quick and dirty photoshoot. Or really, as soon as I saw miles of black trees and burned cacti I was like "pull over now!!" so you'll have to give me some credit for leaving the house halfway decent being that I would really love to come back and do a fully realized shoot.

That being said, my mom is an amazing photographer (she constantly reminds me that she did in fact major in it when I pretend like she doesn't know what she's talking about,) and I really love how the photos came out. She has a real skill for capturing me at interesting angles and pushing me to contort my body--which is very much appreciated being that I tend to get stuck in the poses I always do.

all freak photos from Freak Show by Robert Bogdan

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